Our Mission

Three years ago, while recovering from an ankle injury, I discovered East Yoga. I was a true yoga virgin. I had no idea what a downward dog was, couldn't touch my toes and thought that I needed to be drenched in sweat to get a real workout.

But after one beginners class, I was hooked. I raced home from work and scheduled my weekends around yoga. I was very awkward at the beginning, but I found that East was a place where I didn't feel stupid, where I was encouraged to move at my own pace, where I got individual attention.

Yoga has transformed my body and my state of mind, while East Yoga has transformed my life. It is so much more than a place where you take yoga classes. East Yoga is an amazing community of people that I cherish -- the teachers, the karmis and my fellow students.

When Kari was looking for a partner to help run the studio, it was a natural fit. As co-owner of East Yoga, I can give back to the studio and community that has given me so much.

My hope is that East Yoga can become a sanctuary for you as well. A place where you can learn, grow, and heal, as I did. A place in a city of millions of people where you feel at home.



“East is my little oasis in this big, busy city. All of the instructors are light hearted, focused and knowledgeable. There’s always focus on proper alignment, breath and ease of movement. I always leave the studio with a sense of calm and strength. East Yoga is a special place that I truly couldn’t get through my work week without. There is no doubt it’s NYC’s best yoga studio!”
— Melissa, first class at East Yoga - May 2010