A Message From our owner

Dear East Yoga Students,

For those of you I haven’t met, I’m Katie, the owner of East Yoga.  Until 10 years ago, I was a student at East just like all of you. In 2008, East's then-owner was closing the studio, and I decided to take on ownership of East because it meant so much to me as a student. The rest is history.   

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since I started to run East.  So much has changed! We are now at 96 Avenue B after a big fire post hurricane Sandy in our first space on 13th Street.  We have so many new students and lots of new teachers. But so much also remains the same - East is still a very special part of the East Village community.  I'm so thankful to have known many of you for years, and as close personal friends.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I have decided not to renew the lease for the studio.  While owning East has been one of the greatest things I’ve done with my life, it is also requires a lot of energy to provide you with quality teaching, workshops, and studio space.  Given my personal commitments, I am not able to give the time and attention to the studio to give you the quality you all deserve. It was a very hard decision to make, and after a lot of deep soul searching I decided that it would be best to close the studio.

Our final class will be at 6:30pm on Friday, August 10th and we will have a small celebration after class for those of you who would like to join.  

It’s important to me to make this transition smooth and continue to provide you all with quality, affordable yoga.  We will be discounting our class cards and single classes over time. Our last week of classes will be 100% free. That last week is my thank you to all of you for being an amazing, supportive community through all the ups and downs over the years.  See below for more details on pricing and timing. 

I look forward to enjoying the last few months of East Yoga together with all of you.  I know it is as important to many of you as it is to me. It really has been a life changing experience for me to own the studio.  It has taught me so much, given me so many wonderful friendships and connected me to a community that I will be forever grateful for.  I will be counting these blessings repeatedly in the coming months.

Thank you all for all your support and dedication to our community.


With love,


“East is my little oasis in this big, busy city. All of the instructors are light hearted, focused and knowledgeable. There’s always focus on proper alignment, breath and ease of movement. I always leave the studio with a sense of calm and strength. East Yoga is a special place that I truly couldn’t get through my work week without. There is no doubt it’s NYC’s best yoga studio!”
— Melissa, first class at East Yoga - May 2010